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A business matching site that disseminates information of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) in Kyoto Prefecture and connects them with Foreign/Japanese companies, Universities, Research Institutes, and Governments.

Main Target Companies

  • ・Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) in Kyoto Prefecture
  • ・Companies, Universities, Research Institutes, and Governments that are looking for B to B business opportunities (new business, new product, Joint Development of new products/services, joint research, etc.) with SMEs in Kyoto Prefecture.

Main Functions

You can use follwoing functions upon registration.

Company Search

You can search the information of registered SMEs in Kyoto Prefecture and send a message to the company that you are interested in.

Messaging Function (correspondence with Registered SMEs)

You can send a message to registered SMEs in Kyoto Prefecture upon registration.

Registration Process

Registration is required to use the Messaging Function of this site.

  • Please register at “New Registration” on the “Registration / Log-in” page. (Email address required)
  • Please login at the “Registration/Log-in” page with the registered email address and password.
  • Please use the Company Search.
  • If you find a company you are interested in, you can check the details of the SME or send a message directly from “Send Message” at the bottom of the page.

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