Isshiki Textile CO.,LTD

Tango Chirimen's everyday accessory store

Business contentTango crepe has been handed down in the Tango region of Kyoto for over 300 years. "Isshiki Chirimen" uses this technology to make cute accessories for everyday use, using not only silk but also threads that match the purpose.

Company CharacteristicsWe are proud of Japan's top class in the manufacture of white cloth for fried kimono accessories.

OthersShape your original Tango crepe.

Company name Isshiki Textile CO.,LTD
Company RepresentativeCEO Naoki Isshiki
Number of Employees3
Date of establishment
Street address 〒6292262
739 Iwataki Yosano-Cho Yoza-Gun KYOTO JAPAN
type of industry
ManufacturingTextile Industry

Strengths and Special Feature of Products / Technologies / Services

A cute clam-shaped lining pouch. Surprisingly things will enter.