Have you ever heard of ``HAURA``

Business content OKAJIMA CO.,LTD We are importing by Kimono`s design

Company CharacteristicsWe are doing revival and redesign of fits for young generation. Every design basically using by lining of Kimono there are call it ``HAURA``also every design was born in about 100 years ago made by Okajima`s artisan.There HAURA desing we have total 500 pattern.

Otherseach design epic color contrast and super modern pattern.When I saw first time OKAJIMA`S HAURA design the contrast has been indelibly etched in my mind .Please check it our HAURA products

Company name OKAJU CO.,LTD
Company Representativeshigeo okajima
Number of Employees5
Date of establishment
Street address 〒6040923
kamikorikicho nakagyoku kyoto city japan502
type of industry
Traditional Industry