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Business contentWe can design, manufacture and install automation and labor-saving equipment in a wide range of fields such as electronic parts manufacturing, lighting equipment, office equipment manufacturing, food manufacturing, and medical care.

Company CharacteristicsWe can flexibly respond to any process from planning and conception to design, parts procurement, assembly, wiring, adjustment, software debugging, and installation. We also offer a full range of manufacturing services, including experimental jigs and prototypes.

OthersThe "Automatic Spring Feeder" exhibited here is a device that separates and aligns the tangle-prone tension springs on the end hooks one by one, and automatically feeds them to the next process. (Patented last year) Please come and see the exhibition.

Company name KYOKKO SEIKO CO.,LTD.
Company RepresentativePresident & CEO Akihiro Segawa
Number of Employees136
Date of establishment
Street address 〒601-8025
Kyoto,JAPAN88 Tonoshiro-Cho Kuze,Minami-ku
type of industry
Product Development ManufacturingAutomation Equipment /RobotInspection / Measuring EquipmentProduction EquipmentMedical / Bio / Health / Welfare IndustryFood Manufacturing EquipmentEnvironment / Energy