Triple R

Design your experience to the world !

Business contentWe provide total support for overseas sales channel development support, corporate global training, branding, logo, video production, translation, etc.

Specialty・Overseas sales channel development ・Branding ・Logo design ・Translation ・Catch Copy ・Corporate slogan ・Global training for company

Company CharacteristicsWe provide total support for bringing Japanese manufacturing to overseas markets. We place importance on working together with our customers to develop overseas sales channels from a market-in perspective.

OthersOur employees include native English speakers (Americans) who produce translations and catchphrases for listed companies, allowing us the flexibility to handle high-quality English expressions, etc.

Company name Triple R
Company RepresentativeRui Taniguchi
Number of Employees3
Date of establishment
Street address 〒600-8223
KyotoDai 2 kyoto building Daikoku-cho 227 Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Japan